Intravenous chelation clinics, as well as properly staffed and trained addiction facilities, possess keen insight and skill to administer Gamma Globulin Protein I.V. treatments for alcohol and substance abuse recovery. These professionals have a unique understanding of natural medicine and I.V. infusion protocols and are the perfect providers for our protocol of alcohol and substance abuse recovery products and programs.

Treatment Centers Xl has the distinction of being the U.S. patent holder of both I.V. amino acid and oral amino acid formulas for neurotransmitter reconstruction from damage caused by substance abuse. Although our proprietary I.V. formulas have shown promise in the treatment of such common complaints as Parkinson’s related disease processes, Reward Deficiency Syndrome, ADD/ADHD and ODD, among other disease processes, our main focus is drug and alcohol recovery.

The medical professionals at Treatment Centers XL understand that not only are correct compounding procedures vital, the technician compounding the product is of utmost importance. Our compounding pharmacist is PCAB accredited. A PCAB accreditation means the pharmacy has undergone independent, third-party certification to meet nationally accepted quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement standards set forth by industry experts.

Once you’ve been accepted into our program, you’ll receive rigorous training by our experts to facilitate your success. Our comprehensive five day training course can be administered at your treatment center with your staff, or at our facility with those staff members of your choosing. Training consists of OSHA regulations, I.V. infusion administration and drip rates, our specific protocols, and addiction recovery specific trainings and consultations.

There are many reasons to partner with Treatment Centers XL. You can build your practice and gain the satisfaction of helping addicted patients with innovative and restorative methods. Greater treatment options translate to increased intake of patients for your clinic. To take advantage of this unique opportunity, call (303) 898-7502 and ask for Frederick Jauch or call Mia at (303) 520-8004. You may also send them an email:

We take patent infringement seriously and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. If you are currently incorporating amino acid therapy for drug and alcohol treatment, and are concerned that you may be breaking federal law, please contact Frederick Jauch to verify your treatment formula.

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